This event is also part of the series of conferences or interviews given by WikiLeaks in Mexico in February 2013 around the book published by journalists of Mexican newspaper la Jornada, under the direction of Pedro Miguel ” Mexico en WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks en La Jornada”.


This event was a presentation of the book in the UIA (University Ibero American) en Puebla (called Ibero Puebla) on February 27. It can be seen here:

But, as other further events are reported on the same page,it is necessary to scroll a lot to find it.

So, we paste here the direct link to each video about the presentation:

The same page displays photos.


An article about the event:

As this is the last post of the series, note that the others can be found using the tag “WikiLeaks in Mexico”

Update (March 26): Transcript of the statement made by María Eugenia Sánchez Díaz de Rivera during the event (sp):

Article about the event (sp) :


Update (July 10):

Two videos of Kristinn Hrafnsson’s speech at the event are  available (YouTube and Vimeo):

Kristinn Hrafnsson, portavoz de WikiLeaks, en la IBERO Puebla:

México en Wikileaks: