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This Week in the Press: 15 – 21 March, 2012

This Week in the Press: 15 – 21 March, 2012

Stratfor emails discuss how Mossad infiltrated businesses and a global nonprofit organization. Ta Nea reports that the Greek Pasok party purposefully inflated the budget deficit in 2009. Cables from Mexico are reported to have predicted the decline in Mexico’s oil production and USG concerns. Stratfor reported on Venezuela’s declining oil production. A former Blackwater director was a key Strlatfor informant. Subject index


This Week in the Press: 9 – 15 February 2012


In this week’s edition of the week in WikiLeaks press, US State Department cables showed how South Africa allowed Madagascar’s president to circumvent customs by picking up anti-riot munitions in his personal airplane during the 2009 uprisings.  Ten years on, Guantánamo Bay remains open, and open questions around detainee rights and futures remain.  US State Department cables also illuminate US-funded NGOs in Egypt.   Cables also expose the Philippines’ banking...


This Week in the Press: 19 – 25 January, 2012

Shelling of the safe zone continued even after President Rajapaksa declared an end to combat operations in 2009.

Human Rights groups call on the UN to investigate cable claims that the US pushed Spain to drop plans to prosecute Bush administration officials. Sri Lankan Parliamentary Ministery admitted to shelling of safe zone. US pushed for action against Australian ISP. Romanian President promoted Foreign Minister candidate. Houses in Dominican Republic not strong enough to resist earthquakes. Subject index


This Week in the Press: 6 October – 12 October, 2011

WikiLeaks' media partners, including Le Monde, come under scrutiny for their redaction policy.  Photo by Kalev Kevad.

North Korea was prepared to get rid of nuclear weapons in return for diplomatic relations. Cables also show how diplomacy has been used to help Microsoft sign lucrative deals. Three Ugandan government officials accused of corruption detailed in cables. Cables having revealed Mugabe’s fragile health, voters may be reluctant to give him another term. Le Monde is shown to have over-redacted cables. All this and more in this week’s press...


This Week in the Press: 22-28 September, 2011

Predator drones manufactured by US firms have increasingly become political bargaining chips.  Photo by Diablo Azul.

Cables illuminate how Predator drones were used as political bargaining chips. Cables also show how the US shucked off costs for relocation of American military bases onto the South Korean government. Another story this week uncovers the case of a detained mentally-ill Canadian-Egyptian, whose whereabouts are still unknown. Recent stories based on cables also led to arrests of company chiefs in India. Subject Index


This Week in the Press: 8-14 September, 2011

A resident of Cité Soleil describes the UN raid of July 6, 2005 which left dozens dead and wounded in his neighborhood.

The recent publication of over 250,000 US State Department cables has resulted in a flood of articles being published by press and media outlets around the world, particularly in Africa, where revelations from the cables threaten the status quo, and have resulted in threats of censorship and legal action by politicians in Zimbabwe. Stories last week also illuminated US fears of growing indigenous peoples’ rights movements in Latin America, US...