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Stratfor’s investigation into Ethiopian airlines flight 409 crash

Stratfor’s investigation into Ethiopian airlines flight 409 crash

On 25 January, 2010, 5 minutes after taking off from Beirut, Ethiopian Airlines flight 409 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. On board were 82 passengers and 8 crew members en route to the capitol city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa; no survivors were found. Shortly afterwards, Lebanese Civil Aviations opened an investigation in to the crash. While the investigation was taking place, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said, “sabotage is ruled out...


This Week in the Press: 22 – 28 March, 2012


Independent journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye is still incarcerated for his story on how a US drone strike in Yemen killed civilians, backed up by WikiLeaks cables. Stratfor emails contain extensive discussion of a potential attack on Iran. Other emails discussed the importance of Spain’s 15-M protest leaders. Columbia newspaper El Espectador was a Stratfor source for Colombian news, and was also a former WikiLeaks media partner for Cablegate. Subject index


This Week in the Press: 15 – 21 March, 2012

This Week in the Press: 15 – 21 March, 2012

Stratfor emails discuss how Mossad infiltrated businesses and a global nonprofit organization. Ta Nea reports that the Greek Pasok party purposefully inflated the budget deficit in 2009. Cables from Mexico are reported to have predicted the decline in Mexico’s oil production and USG concerns. Stratfor reported on Venezuela’s declining oil production. A former Blackwater director was a key Strlatfor informant. Subject index


This Week in the Press: 8 – 14 March, 2012

Anti-IMF austerity protests in Greece, 1st May 2010

Stratfor emails reveal discussions on the Greek economic crisis, US funding of Greece and the Cypriot secret service, and the tension between Cyprus and Turkey over natural gas production in the Mediterranean. Paraguay government responds to media reports on Stratfor emails detailing a dispute over the treatment of Brazilian soybean farmers in Paraguay. The emails show how Stratfor closely followed the plans of Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, and...


This Week in the Press: 1 – 7 March, 2012

Soldiers in Gori. Photo by

The Global Intelligence Files, a database of emails released by WikiLeaks from the private intelligence firm Stratfor, have spawned analysis and critiques on the true nature of private intelligence firms, their view of intelligence as a marketable product, and who pays for such intelligence. During the week following the GIFiles release, hundreds of articles have been published citing Stratfor intelligence on international relations and conflicts.  As mentioned extensively in the...