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New Laws Target Wikileaks

As Julian Assange tilts at the Senate, new laws have been passed that will make it harder for organisations like Wikileaks to operate legally – and there are more to come, writes Matthew da Silva The Labor Government is tightening up Australian law in areas that will have a direct impact on organisations such as WikiLeaks. Only the Greens are challenging the new bills in parliament, and they are receiving...


This Week in the Press: 19 – 25 January, 2012

Shelling of the safe zone continued even after President Rajapaksa declared an end to combat operations in 2009.

Human Rights groups call on the UN to investigate cable claims that the US pushed Spain to drop plans to prosecute Bush administration officials. Sri Lankan Parliamentary Ministery admitted to shelling of safe zone. US pushed for action against Australian ISP. Romanian President promoted Foreign Minister candidate. Houses in Dominican Republic not strong enough to resist earthquakes. Subject index


Flying Foxes, WikiLeaks and Freedom of Speech: Statutory Recognition of Public Whistleblowing in Australia

On 16 September 2010, in debate on the Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2010 (Qld) the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, Australia was challenged to consider the adequacy of its next attempt to facilitate and protect public interest whistleblowing in the state’s public sector. In fact, as pointed out by the Premier, Hon Anna Bligh MLA, the Queensland penalty for detrimental action against officials who make public interest disclosures is not necessarily...