After visiting julian assange at the Ecuadorian embassy on December 6th, JL Mélenchon has posted his feelings on his blog. Here is a summary of what he writes (a summary, not a full translation):


About the issue between Ecuador and UK :

The British have abandoned the idea of going into the embassy to take JAssange by force, a silly thing that would have dishonored them. More, this would have been a dangerous precedent for all the other embassies in the world. Mr Mélenchon explains that he is here to support the Ecuadorians, who have to withstand a big shock, while those who pretend usually protect human rights and freedom of press remain this time indifferent. The Ecuadorian are on a reasonable position, and don’t seek the arm wrestling at the contrary of the other.


About the reaction of traditional press :

Mr Mélenchon is surprised by the silence of Main Stream Media like «Le Monde » on this issue. Le Monde took advantage of the publication of the Cables, and now, they carefully avoid to write about the Assange case. The protection of the sources in this kind of media means nothing. But, in this case, it is also possible that US has put pressure on them. No help will come from them : They will not investigate at all on the alleged rape case, it would imply to do serious work and extensive research. Just forget it. But, at least, they could say that Assange is still not charged of anything. That he has gone from Sweden with the authorization of authorities. That he is agree to return to Sweden to face charges if Swedish government assures that they will not extradite him to US.


About Sweden and US :

Mr Assange is perfectly right to be mistrustful, as Sweden has already allowed US to arrest on its soil an Egyptian who was then given to his country and tortured. US themselves commit torture, as in the Manning case. Those who don’t believe that possible by the US should wonder why Guantanamo is still on activity. The situation could unblock if Sweden accepted to give the assurance that they will not extradite Assange to the US. Refusing to do that, it proves that the alleged rape is not the real problem. It looks like if Sweden wanted to draw him into a trap.


About Julian Assange himself:

Jean Luc Mélenchon says that Assange seems in good health, at least in the better health possible according to the difficult circumstances. He insists on the feeling of empathy and sympathy between him and J.Assange. He explains that perhaps he was looking at him to intensely, whereas he didn’t want to be intrusive, because he didn’t know how to express, without words and without being too melodramatic, all the human solidarity that he felt. He says that he is impressed by the difference between the single man that he sees and the enormity of the challenge that the man has launched with his actions. The US will never let him in peace. Mr Assange must not be forgotten, because oblivion would give impunity to those who want to defeat him. He needs to be protected by the people, by us all, and being candidate to Australian elections can be one of the ways to obtain this protection.


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