According to French newspaper “Le Monde”, a French investigating judge has opened an investigation on Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the Uzbekistan president, for money laundering.

French judicial authorities have been asked for help by Swiss judges, who are already investigating the case, because of several high-end real properties belonging to Ms Karimova situated in France.

These properties could have been used for the money laundering of the bribes payed by Swedish telecom company TeliaSonera to  come into Uzbekistan in 2007.

This news has been published by French newspaper “Le Monde”, on Agust 2, 2013, confirming a news published by “Rue 89″.

This story, and others related to a deeply corrupted background in Uzbekistan have already been investigated. See for example the works of Craig Murray

An Embassy Cable, released by WikiLeaks shows that the US Ambassador in Tachkent, at this times, in September 2005, considered Gulnara Karimova like a person involved in corruption activities in a high scale as it says that “  the general public, (…) view her as something of a robber baron

At this times, the Guardian had published an article about this issue.

What is new today is that a judicial investigation is now opened.



Article by “Le Monde” (fr)

Article by “Rue 89″ (fr)

Article by “The Guardian” in Dec 2010 (en)