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NOTE: As of the end of December, our email services have been down. We are working on bringing them back up; in the meantime, please be patient and use other forms of contact to reach us. Thank you!

Feedback on this website can be sent to: contact

Please use this address to contact us about writing and volunteering: wlpress

Jabber + off-the-record encryption

We have a jabber account with off-the-record enabled:

Instructions for setting up off-the-record encryption: with pidgin (video), with adium (video).

Chat (IRC)

We invite everyone to visit our IRC.  Feel free to join if you would like to contact us about our work, if you would like to participate in the project, or if you would simply like to chat about the issues we focus on.

NOTE: The webchat interface is currently down. Please use a chat client with SSL or TOR to connect to our IRC.

Connecting via web interface (quick and easy): If you would like to visit our chat room through your web browser, without needing to install any additional programs, you can do so by clicking here.*

SHA1: 94 5A 26 D2 F9 9C B2 00 00 73 2B 0B 07 E2 D0 A2 FB 52 52 11
SHA256: 26 F8 D4 07 8D EE AB AF B6 1D E9 AC C5 3D FF 96 F0 E4 4E FD 04 CE E3 A7 4B 36 97 E5 ED AA BD C1
Serial Number: 09:8F:A2

* While the web interface is a quick and easy solution for reaching us, it may be vulnerable to eavesdropping.  Please consider installing an irc client if you would like to take advantage of more robust security features such as SSL and Tor (as described below).  The hashes you can see above are only for the webchat, since that uses our webserver.

Connecting via IRC client (SSL): You can connect to our chat using an IRC client.  The chat address is (SSL) 9999 – The certificate is self-signed:

Serial Number: 12786324462033163948 (0xb172265a765fd6ac) SHA1 Fingerprint=AA:26:86:84:B2:4E:81:98:4D:CF:6F:6F:1A:6A:6D:5E:67:C6:79:D7

Connecting anonymously via IRC client (Tor): You can also connect to our chat over Tor hidden services at the following onion address – gpqlxcdoymgjlxdi.onion