This article, published in RT on March 4, 2013, comes originally from an article by Brazilian media “O estado de S. Paulo”. It reports that diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show regular contacts between Vatican and US authorities to discuss about “concerning issues” in Latin America.

In a cable dated April 3, 2006, Mexican cardinal Juan Sandoval appears worried about left winged leaders in Latin America, and asks for Bush’s “help”.

Another cable (February 1st, 2007) is about a meeting between William Brownfield, who was at the times US ambassador in Caracas, and cardinal Jorge Sacino, where they discussed the way to use a pope’s travel in Latin America to “pressure” Chavez.

Another travel by bishops and cardinals in Cuba had also the objective to pressure Cuban autorities about political prisonners issues, at the request of Washington. (cable Agust 19, 2009).

And on a cable dated July 10, 2009, one learns that Vatican considers that the overthrow of Zelaya in Honduras is legal and is not a coup d’etat.

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